Well, it’s been 6 months since I posted anything to my blog. That pretty much contradicts the name of the blog. I haven’t been persistently posting anything, but I can tell you a lot has happened. I have always thought blogs were just a sort of public diary into the lives of really good writers, mostly good writers…lol However blogs do fill a purpose, they are informational, funny, motivating, and a type of advertising. My blog will end of being a bit of everything.

First things first, the last year, I have continued with school and continued to work with friends on their social media accounts, continued to work towards building a career or business in training, worked for a short time at CGCC (it was a temp job), and now I am selling my house and heading off to a new journey in my life. Let’s begin with school. All I can say there is, “WOOT”, I absolutely love school and everything that goes with it. Learning new skills has been absolutely amazing. There has been one change, however, I have changed from social media marketing to communication. My passion really lies with training and public speaking and communication is a way to build on that. I will keep going and working until I receive my degree.  Now to the new journey, I am going to go to Colorado for a while. I’m selling my house and I am off to Boulder to test the waters. My lifelong best friend lives there and its time. I have had a difficult last 18 months and a new start is exactly what I need.  Now here’s a question for you as a reader, why does any of this matter to you? Maybe it doesn’t but maybe you just may read something in here that you might connect with. Like the fact that I have gone back to school at the age of…….let’s just say over 45 and that starting over doesn’t always have to be so fearful. Don’t get me wrong I have had my moments of “what the hell am I doing” but all in all I know it’s going to work out. And finally the depression, this is the one that had me crippled for months. The depression is the one that had me praying every night to not wake up, depression will do that to you, and it’s in that depression that you have to realize that it’s okay. I don’t have to be happy every moment of every day, but it is okay to smile when I feel happy. I would go days on end without getting off the couch, or even getting up out of bed and the only way past that is to fight through it. At least that’s what it was for me. I was angry when I needed to be, cried when I needed to cry and laughed when I needed to laugh. I pushed out a lot of people so I could have my time to myself to figure out what was next. When someone loses someone close to them now, I refer them to an article I read about a man losing his best friend and how he talks about grief. http://www.tickld.com/x/old-man-explains-death-and-life-to-grieving-young-man  It helped me and I have been told it helped them. People can come out of depression, I did, and I am as ordinary as they come. Just fight and if you get knocked down, fight again!

I will be more persistently posting going forward and I will add posts about my passion (training and coaching), about what I have learned along the way, and there will definitely be a story or two about my Wonderdog Xena! This blog is a little bit of everything but if you have to put into one category put it in the “Life” category.