Everyone has a story, and usually, that story begins with a journey that they have followed in their life. I have had a lot different journeys in my life and now I am setting off on a new journey. This journey, however, is different, this journey is starting the second half of my life, a whole new direction of my life, and one that until not so long ago I didn’t even know I would participate in. This journey started on my 50th birthday in 2015 when I found out that my mom had stage four cancer. At the time I had no idea that I only had thirty days, exactly, left with her. On November 28, 2015 my mom who had been my best friend for 50 years went to heaven. This journey started off with grief, sadness, and depression, but now I am going to fast-forward to April of 2016. After being in bed for a couple of months it was time to get up and breathe again, time to find out what direction my life is going. I had left my job in January, so I really could do anything I wanted. I was in a tanning salon of, all places, talking to the gal that sat behind the desk. We had a light conversation on the good and bad of tanning enhancers and which tanning bed I should use. Then she asked me this one question, what do you do? I had no response, so I told her what I was passionate about, networking, teaching people how to do their job better, marketing, motivating and social media. That conversation turned into a two and half hour training session on using social media to learn how to network and grow her business. After that meeting was done I felt an excitement that I had not felt in a long time, my brain started working again, I could feel my heart beating and I wanted to do more! I raced home and started writing down everything that I need to do to be a Social Media Marketer. The next day I started making calls to people I know and “BOOM” I was meeting with a dear friend of mine to help with her business. After that meeting I taught her what I knew, but there was a huge gap in what I knew to make this a very successful business. So I went back to school and that’s where I am today. The difference and the contributions that I can make to this business however will be my age. I have spent 30 years learning and perfecting my passion. I want to use social media marketing to also inspire, motivate and teach people how to do this for themselves. Yes, I plan on creating campaigns, however I want to contribute what I already know, how to train people to use the tools, how to motivate people to be awesome leaders, and take people back to the valuable art of face to face networking. My vision for this blog is to learn what I can, contribute as much as possible and persistently post every step of the way.